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10 Benefits of Cinnamon for Your Body

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Cinnamon is an excellent food capable of bringing many benefits to the body. Among the main benefits of Cinnamon for your body are the acceleration of metabolism, anti-inflammatory properties, and help in preventing heart disease.

Cinnamon can be consumed in a variety of ways, such as powder or peel. Also, it is widely used as a spice in both sweet and savory recipes and teas. In this article, we brought you a lot of information about the types of Cinnamon and the ten benefits of including this food in your daily life. Check out!

10 Benefits of Cinnamon for Your Body

What are the Different Types of Cinnamon?

Surprisingly, although not all Cinnamon types are used popularly, the variety of types is quite large. Among these varieties are Canela Verdadeira, Canela Saigon, Canela Cassia, and others. Know now a little more about each of them:

True or Ceylon Cinnamon

In addition to all the benefits that Cinnamon brings us to real Cinnamon, from Ceylon or Mexicana, it has a particular benefit. These are the low levels of coumarin in its composition.

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Doing physical exercises is always very good, get to know the Best Equipment to do gym at home. Eggplant Water Weight Loss? find out what the Benefits of Eggplant are Coumarin is a natural chemical component of Cinnamon that, when consumed daily, can cause health damage, especially liver damage. Therefore, true Cinnamon is the best variety of Cinnamon for those who like to consume it daily.

Cinnamon Korinjte

Korinjte Cinnamon or also known as Cinnamon Indonesia, is Cinnamon native to the region of Indonesia, some locations in Korea and Japan. It has benefits such as increased metabolism and protection from heart disease. Its price may be a little high.

Saigon Cinnamon

Saigon cinnamon is a Cinnamon that has gained a lot of popularity recently. She is originally from Vietnam, and in terms of aroma and flavor, she is impressive. It is spicier, has a more intense and sweeter flavor.

This mix of sensations makes Saigon’s Cinnamon very interesting cinnamon to use in special culinary preparations. Also, because it has high coumarin levels, Cinnamon should not be chosen by those who like to consume Cinnamon daily.

It is slightly more expensive than other cinnamon sticks, making it more interesting cinnamon for special uses.

Cinnamon Cassia

Cássia cinnamon is the best-known Cinnamon among all the varieties presented. It is also the most used in Brazil. It can be found in powder or shell and is used in the most diverse preparations of sweets, snacks, and even drinks.

How to Make Cinnamon Tea the Right Way? One of the best-known ways to consume Cinnamon is through delicious teas. However, to better enjoy all the benefits of Cinnamon it is important that the tea is made correctly. Follow our step-by-step to prepare a delicious cinnamon tea. For this type of preparation, the most recommended Cinnamon is Ceylon cinnamon.


2 pieces of Cinnamon in shell

2 cups of water


The preparation of cinnamon tea is very simple. Place the water and Cinnamon in a jar in a jar. Boil for 5 minutes.

Boiling is important to extract all the benefits of Cinnamon. After boiling time, remove from heat, cover, and allow to warm. You are ready to drink.

What are the Benefits of Cinnamon?

1. Accelerates Metabolism

One of the main benefits of Cinnamon is its power to speed up metabolism. This property comes from the oily part of the Cinnamon, where is a compound called cinnamaldehyde.

This compound can assist in accelerating the metabolism of those who consume Cinnamon in any of its forms.

In this way, the individual who ingests Cinnamon in tea, capsule, or even in preparations has their metabolic activity accelerated and thereby gain peaks during the day.

Also, with accelerated metabolism, the human body also starts to consume more calories in a day. Thus, it is possible to say that Cinnamon also helps in weight loss processes.

2. Has antioxidant action

Antioxidants are compounds capable of protecting the human body from oxidative damage. These damages happen due to the high concentration of free radicals in the body.

In this way, antioxidants can fight free radicals. According to some studies on the benefits of Cinnamon, in its composition is a large number of antioxidants such as polyphenols.

The antioxidant power of Cinnamon is so high that when compared to the oxidizing action of 26 other spices, Cinnamon was the great champion. That’s because it is the spice richest in antioxidants surpassing foods like garlic and oregano.

3. Reduces the risk of heart disease

Heart disease is the disease that most kills people prematurely worldwide. Therefore, protecting yourself from them is a necessity. In this sense, Cinnamon has proved to be an excellent food to help fight heart disease.

This is because Cinnamon can assist, for example, in reducing total cholesterol levels, LDL cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels. All of this maintaining the stability of HDL cholesterol considered the “good” cholesterol in the human body.

Some studies even pointed to an increase in good HDL cholesterol in patients who ingested doses of Cinnamon. For all these purposes, the same studies indicate that 120 milligrams should be enough.

Animal studies have shown other benefits that are also very interesting. Among them, Cinnamon has been shown to reduce blood pressure.

All these benefits of Cinnamon also point to a greater benefit: reducing the risks of heart disease.

4. Improved Body Sensitivity to Insulin

One of the main hormones responsible for regulating human metabolism is insulin. Due to genetic factors or even due to poor quality of life in terms of food and physical exercise, it is very common to have a condition called insulin resistance.

It is a very striking feature in diseases such as type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome. For these people, Cinnamon can be a great ally. According to studies, this spice can dramatically reduce the body’s resistance to insulin.

Thus, Cinnamon can help insulin to fulfill its role in human metabolism. To obtain this benefit, just consume cinnamon powder or peel in teas or other preparations.

5. Decreases Blood Sugar

Still about the amount of sugar in the blood, Cinnamon can also decrease the concentration of these sugars.

In addition to the benefits of improving insulin sensitivity, Cinnamon is also able to hold glucose levels that enter the bloodstream right after a meal.

To that end, Cinnamon interferes with the digestive process by blocking the action of enzymes. Thus, the decomposition of carbohydrates in the digestive tract is delayed thanks to the action of Cinnamon.

Another positive effect of Cinnamon is its ability to act on cells, with effects similar to those of insulin. Although it works more slowly than insulin, this action of Cinnamon improves the absorption of glucose by cells.

Tests that have already been done on humans have pointed to the excellent anti-diabetic effects of Cinnamon. These studies have shown that it reduces blood sugar levels when the individual is fasting by up to 29%. For this, the most effective dose is approximately 6 grams of Cinnamon a day.

6. Prevents Neurodegenerative Diseases

As incredible as it may seem, Cinnamon has also shown great benefits in treating neurodegenerative diseases. These diseases are characterized by the progressive loss of brain cells’ functions or even physical structure. Currently, the two most common types of neurodegenerative diseases are Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Three studies done with Cinnamon have shown that it has a compound capable of inhibiting one of the proteins that, when accumulating in the brain, can trigger Alzheimer’s disease.

Tests carried out on rats with Parkinson’s disease point to Cinnamon’s benefits in protecting neurons, normalizing neurotransmitter levels, and improving motor functions.

7. Prevents Cancer

Another benefit of Cinnamon that has been widely studied is the potential prevention and treatment of cancer.

Studies suggest that cinnamon extract can protect cells from uncontrolled growth, that is, from cancer.

These discoveries were made in a controlled environment. However, experiments carried out in test tubes showed more precisely cinnamon compounds activating antioxidant and protective responses in human colon cells.

8. Combat Fungi and Bacteria

Cinnamon also has an excellent benefit in combating fungi and bacteria. The main active component of cinnamon, cinnamaldehyde, is responsible for this benefit.

Thanks to cinnamaldehyde, it is possible to treat various infections, especially when using cinnamon oil.

Two specific studies have shown that Cinnamon can also inhibit some bacteria like Listeria and Salmonella.

In addition to that, antimicrobial effects can also be used to prevent tooth decay and even to reduce bad breath.

9. Relief from Menstrual Cramps

The menstrual period can be extremely uncomfortable for many women. The good news is that Cinnamon can help relieve the pain of menstrual cramps.

This benefit was noted in a study in which teenagers who took Cinnamon 420mg capsules three times a day and during their menstrual period have reduced menstrual discomfort.

The harms that have been reduced are cramps, nausea, vomiting, and even bleeding flow.

The benefits did not accompany any side effects, and the study itself stated that this could be considered a very safe and efficient treatment for dysmenorrhea conditions in young women.

10. Inflammation Relief

Inflammations are processes that the human body triggers to fight some type of infection or even repair tissue damage. In general, it is a natural response of the body and should not be combated. However, chronic inflammations, that is, that last longer than the expected period, can extend to months of pain and cause a lot of discomforts.

In the presence of chronic inflammation, you should first seek a doctor to alert you to the use of some type of medicine or the adoption of some treatment. An interesting way to relieve inflammation is by using cinnamon tea.

Some studies have shown that antioxidants present in Cinnamon can help reduce inflammation. Thus, cinnamon tea is a strong ally in combating the pain and discomfort of chronic inflammation.


Cinnamon tea is an excellent tea that has several health benefits. However, it is a food capable of stimulating uterine contractions. Exactly, for this reason, it benefits when ingested during menstruation.

But be careful: because of this effect, cinnamon tea can be abortive. Therefore, it is not recommended that pregnant women ingest cinnamon tea.

In case of any suspicion of pregnancy, the consumption of cinnamon tea should be stopped immediately until an examination is done and the pregnancy is confirmed or not.

In these cases, a doctor will assist you better as to what may or may not be consumed, and for Cinnamon, what daily dosage is allowed for pregnant women.


Cinnamon, in its various types and the most diverse preparations, is a great food to keep health up to date. In addition to the benefits mentioned above of Cinnamon, it also assists in the day-to-day provision. So be sure to consume this rich food, whether in the form of tea or even spices.

Just don’t forget always to be aware of the abortive effect of cinnamon tea. Under any suspicion of pregnancy, stop using Cinnamon immediately and be sure to consult a doctor.


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