You are currently viewing 20 Funny Birthday Quotes and Messages for this year

20 Funny Birthday Quotes and Messages for this year

Many times when the birthday of someone special approaches we try to write beautiful deep birthday messages that express our feelings in the best possible way. However why not send funny birthday wishes to everyone who has a birthday?

Funny Birthday Quotes and Messages for this year

  1. From now on, you have one more wrinkle! Happy Birthday!
  2. Happy Birthday. You are so special to me that I remember your birthday without the Facebook reminder.
  3. After days and days looking for a suitable gift for you, I have finally decided that everything you wish will come true when you read this greeting… CONGRATULATIONS!
  4. Today we celebrate that you are one year older, but do not worry that you are much better. Happy Birthday!
  5. For your birthday I wanted to give you something cute, sweet and adorable… but the postman made me out of the envelope… Happy Birthday !!
  6. If you cannot read what this letter says with the naked eye, do not complicate yourself; the details are the least of it at your age. Happy Birthday!!
  7. Today, you smile at everything, listen to this, don’t worry, that when the old age passes, it becomes an invaluable antique … hahaha Happy Birthday!
  8. Happy Birthday! You have a wonderful life, unbeatable looks, and iron health. How could a simple gift compete against all of this?
  9. Let’s hug right now before you know there is no gift. Happy Birthday!
  10. I wish you a happy birthday with my solidarity for you who know how to age happily…, I wish you a happy birthday!
  11. You don’t have to hide; you only have one more year. Happy Birthday!
  12. May you turn many, many more years, and do not worry that antiques have more value.
  13. For these special days such as your birthday, I remember with nostalgia all our past together. I even make images of those memories. From happiness comes laughter because I see that you have not changed at all. You remain as ugly as always.
  14. Happy Birthday. I usually send birthday messages to people to not give anything on their birthday to look good. Guess whose message took me years to write to save a few pennies? Hahaha, I hope you have a good time.
  15. Friend, may all your dreams come true in this new year that is about to begin especially if the dream involves a beach surrounded by handsome, tall, burly blond men. All of them just for you, hahaha. I thought about buying you a gift, but decided to donate the money to someone in need: me and my horrible wardrobe, haha.
  16. Today an important, loved and the respectable person was born, that is why we celebrate his birthday. Oh and you were born too hahaha. I hope you have a great time in the company of your loved ones. Do not forget to investigate who is that important person, haha
  17. May you have many more years … but the most important thing without forgetting them haha. You’re already starting to get old my friend haha, I hope I don’t have to go looking for you lost in a bus station.
  18. Finally the day arrived. Congratulations on reaching the point in your life where you don’t like noise, going out at night, or looking good with others haha. You’ve become a grandfather. Would a little anti-baldness shampoo be good for you? Haha Congratulations again.
  19. Friend, congratulations, today is your birthday again. It is the 10th consecutive time that you will be 30 years old, right? Some ages are difficult to assimilate haha ​​we all understand you. In good time for your perseverance not to pass the 30s haha.
  20. Congratulations! Don’t forget to run and jump on this special day … If you can’t run, walk, and in any case, you can always give a comfortable ergonomic cane that fits your hand and allows you to support your weight hahaha.

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