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How to prepare or customize your fishing kayak

The fishing kayak, the boat specially designed for anglers who want to get closer to nature without compromising the comfort of a great day of fishing. Although today fishing kayaks are more and more well equipped directly from the factory thanks to the constant innovations of manufacturers who are always listening to avid enthusiasts. There is a multitude of accessories on the market to customize your fishing kayak.

For starters, the essential accessory of a fishing kayak is the seat. A convenient seat can make a huge difference for all those long days, mostly on water, regardless of whether you want an SIT-IN or SIT-ON-TOP kayak. Usually, we choose our fishing kayak because of this vital factor. Despite everything, there are alternatives for those who wish to improve their skills. GEL kayak cushions, replacement seats, or even some amateurs will manufacture or adapt existing seats to their boat.

Now that our fisherman is comfortable let’s look at the second important part of the fishing kayak; maneuverability. The length, width, and shape of the hull will affect its movement and the accessories used. With or without a rudder? Before you buy fishing kayaks for big guys, you should ask yourself this question. But once again, it is possible to acquire this accessory afterward. A more laborious installation. On the other hand, the rudder allows you to keep the cape more easily from your boat.

The choice of the paddle will also help for maneuverability, and the distance traveled without fatigue to find the right fishing spots. Its importance often overlooks this accessory. Several parameters must be considered to make the right choice: Your size, the width of the kayak, and the position of the raised seat will determine the length of your paddle. The size of the blades, the ergonomics of the handle, and the construction materials will all make the difference if you have to cover long distances.

Safety and regulations, two essential elements in the choice of compulsory accessories to practice your activity legally. Transport Canada requires for small craft; personal flotation device (PFD), buoyant heaving line (15 meters in length), manual propulsion device or anchor (15 m of line), bailer or hand pump, sound signaling device (whistle), flashlight waterproof or 360 ° horizon light. Keep in mind that the equipment needs to be in good working order and readily available.

In addition to the mandatory accessories, there is a multitude of safety equipment that could be essential to you in times of emergency or simply increase the safety of your boat or your equipment, such as stabilizers, paddle leash, first aid, ascent system, paddleball, waterproof bag or box, kayaker’s slope or simply a flag that will increase your visibility.

Anglers and their fishing kayaks are all different. We customize our kayak according to our fishing style. Some will opt for a fish finder, support for a fly rod, support for a spinning rod or heavy casting rod, a box or storage bag for multiple boxes of lures, camera support, an anchoring system, and well, much more. For every idea that livens up the fisherman’s life in a kayak, there is an accessory or some adventurous will make themselves their gadgets to facilitate the capture of the coveted trophy.

I end this article with this bit of advice; take the time to understand your needs and desires. Test your kayak without any accessories and analyze your fishing strategy. Today’s latest kayaks are well-equipped, and many of them have a tracer device that customizes the kayak without drilling holes. Ensure that each accessory is properly installed and anchored in case of load shedding. It will be heartbreaking if you lose your investments at the bottom of the water.


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