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Pumatrac App Review

Pumatrac App Review: Over the past 10 years, I’ve tried a bunch of home workout apps and programs, and I realized that most of them are not good enough for any serious results. No, of course, you will increase the mobility of the joints; even some flexibility may appear, maybe even lose a kilogram or two. But this is the maximum that does not replace full-fledged workouts in the gym.

Pumatrac App Review

And about a year ago, I downloaded Pumatrac as the recommended home workout program in the Appstore selection.

Pumatrac App Review

All workouts are structured according to the same principle: warm-up, main part, cool-down. They are divided into types: boxing, Pilates, yoga, training for athletes, beginner running training app or if you lookinmg for walking app for wight loss, etc. You can just as easily run on the street or on the treadmill through the application.

And you know what? This is the only application with which I am all wet after 20-30 minutes! And yes, if you want to tighten your body, then the programs work! Do you leave the gym like this?

What do you need?

Be sure to have a sports uniform made of elastic materials – the movements are very active and should not restrain anything.

Sports shoes are a must, and I recommend fabric and breathable sneakers. The market is full of them now; they are inexpensive, even from a thousand rubles. Be sure to choose a model with laces and soft soles, so you will be more comfortable.

Optionally, a rug, dumbbells, rubber band spender, belt. All these items are easily replaced with materials at hand.

What’s in the app?

There are 5 tabs in the application.

1. Start page.

Here you can find all the news of the application, workouts through Instagram, new items among workouts, just workout recommendations based on your activity. Also, at the very bottom, there is a link to a clothing store.

You can choose a workout by a trainer or by type.

My personal opinion is that the clothing of the brand is not perfect: I wouldn’t say I like tight seams and fabrics; I prefer Nike, Lululemon, or Calvin Klein for training. I rarely buy myself something from a sports uniform, most of the things from my sports wardrobe 10 years ago when I was a fitness instructor, and these things are still intact, alive and please me. I had several pairs of Puma sneakers and a pair of training pants. The sneakers were not suitable for training, I took them for walks, and my pants died after a couple of years.

I often choose a workout from this section, and the application adapts well to the load.

2. Running tab

I already inserted the screen above – a good basic application, I generally liked it—affiliates with the “Health” program on ios without any problems.

3. Newsfeed

I sincerely do not recommend neglecting this section. Here you can take a picture and post the result of your workout, and the community will cheer you up. It is also good to draw inspiration from other athletes here.

Believe me, and it’s not a shame to publish your sweaty and imperfect body; the community will give you a great emotional charge and positive. We all strive for the best version of ourselves, as they say in World Class.

4. Calendar

To be honest, I don’t use this section much because it is duplicated in the next section and in the “Health” program. But many people are pleased to look at their checklist. The handy part is if you only train with this app.

5. Your account

It contains all the information about you, your subscriptions to friends, and motivational athletes and subscribers to your success.

It also stores all the workouts you’ve completed, workouts in your favorites, and events where you can join with the community. Here is also a section with settings if you suddenly want to customize something for yourself.

What do I like about the app?

  • This is a very clear and effective workout with a normal warm-up, core, and cool-down workout.
  • The ability to always see how much time is left on the screen until the end.
  • Large selection of workouts.
  • You can train anywhere, and you don’t need to dress nicely or clean up; you don’t need to go somewhere.
  • There is always a place for humor:

What do I dislike about the app?

  • You can train only with a music subscription due to the inability to train for your playlist.
  • Not all workouts are Russified and well-voiced. I love it when they chatter me about the execution of complex elements; when there are voice prompts, the language is not important, but it will cause difficulties for a beginner.
  • The developer does not save the entire library of workouts; if new ones are added, then some of the old ones will, alas, leave you forever.
  • The application is not suitable for unprepared people; there are a lot of unsafe exercises. Either you put the technique first, or you work only in front of a full-length mirror to see the execution’s correctness. Believe me, and this is very important, more important than the number of repetitions.

Is it worth downloading?

100% yes! The workouts are cool, comfortable, intense, and very varied. Such classes will not only help if you have gone on vacation or, as you are now in self-isolation, but they can also fully replace group classes in the club. Even despite the minus of the application – it turned out to be one of the best!

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