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When and How Do We Lay the Carpets?

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As autumn and autumn begin, the house looks more and more empty without carpets. Is it time to lay the carpets and enjoy the sweet warmth they offer us? The answer to the question of when we lay the carpets is, of course, no one. We could say that this happens when the weather starts to get cold, somewhere in October, but in reality, it depends on several circumstances.

When and How Do We Lay the Carpets?

If your carpets are very hot and fluffy, like a flock, then you may have to wait a little longer to get them laid. On the other hand, if the house floor is cold, as is the case with marble, it may be an excellent idea to lay the carpets from September.

Tips for the Easy and Beautiful Laying of Carpets

An issue that concerns us all is how we lay the carpets to look beautiful in every room. It is competent to pay consideration to the following:

  • Finding the right rug size is crucial to the aesthetic effect. A tiny rug looks out of place in a large room, such as the living room, and if it is too large, it may conflict with the furniture.
  • In general, the rule says that the carpet should either not be under furniture or be on a large part of it. So, the coffee table can rest all over the carpet, while the sofa should either not press at all or should press the whole.
  • In the dining room, the chairs often find an obstacle on the edge of the carpet when moving. To avoid this, the rug should be of such a size that it presses all over the table, and the chairs rest evenly on it, leaving only a small margin.
  • In the bedroom, the rug is usually placed on the side and front of the bed. Alternatively, there are large rugs that are placed under the bed and are enough on the side to step on when you get out of bed.
  • Another issue is how to prepare the house so that the carpets can be laid more easily even under heavy furniture.

The preparation should include the following steps:

  • Good cleaning and removing dust from the area will help keep the carpet clean for as long as possible. Curtains, books
  • And the bottom of furniture is the place where the greatest amount of dust accumulates.
  • It is necessary to mop the floor before laying the carpets. However, you should have let it dry so that moisture does not accumulate on the carpet. After all, on a clean and dry floor, the carpet can slide more easily, to be placed under heavy furniture.
  • To easily lay carpets, remove light furniture such as chairs, stools, and tables. When you want to place the rug in the dining room or living room, then you can lay it in the following simple way: Place it wrapped under the furniture, right in the center, and unroll it slowly.

When you reach the edges, slightly raise the legs of the furniture to get under. Because you will need help in this process, someone will have to hold the legs of the furniture a few inches off the ground, and you will push the carpet down.

If the size of your rug does not satisfy you for a beautiful and careful result, maybe it’s time to take a new one. See our large collection of carpets of various sizes and colors at very affordable prices!


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