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Wicked Ridge M-370 Crossbow with Acudraw

The Wicked Ridge M-370 crossbow is the newest crossbow with some exciting features. It is specifically designed for hunting and designed to be used by both novice and expert hunters safely and effectively. This article will provide a short review of the Wicked Ridge M-370 crossbow. So, let’s start-

Wicked Ridge M-370 Crossbow with Acudraw Review

Acudraw Cocking Device

Designed to make drawing the crossbow easy, the Acudraw cocking device features a built-in pulley system that requires only 5 pounds of effort to draw the bowstring. The cocking device is built into this Acudraw crossbow for allowing accurate and easy usage.

Gordon Glass Limbs

The Gordon Glass limbs are made from laminated glass, making them more durable than other crossbows. These patented laminated limbs offer increased durability over the imported bows it competes with.

T4 Trigger

This best pistol crossbow for hunting with Acudraw comes equipped with an auto-engaged safety trigger that features an ultra-crisp 3.5-pound pull and a Dry-Fire-Inhibitor (DFI).

Ultra Narrow and Lightweight

This crossbow has a 9.5-inch width and weighs only 5.8 pounds, making it easier to carry than most other crossbows. Again, this crossbow package includes a quiver and 3 XX75 arrows.

Patented Narrow Crossbow Technology

With a width of only 9.5 inches, the M-370 is the smallest Wicked Ridge crossbow ever made, allowing for more shots in tight shooting conditions.

Built-In ACUdraw Cocking Device (optional)

Because of its ACUdraw, which reduces the draw weight to just 5-pounds, the crossbow is easy to cock, even for children. It is also available with the Rope-Sled.

Quiet and Deadly

With speeds up to 370 feet per second, the M-370 is driven by VX-5 Reverse Cams, which lengthen the power stroke and enhance rotation, resulting in one of the quietest shots on the market.

Easy 1-Bolt Assembly and Pre-Sighted

The M-370 is a 1-bolt model with a factory pre-sight and is ready to go into the woods.

3x Multi-Line Scope

This 7-inch lightweight crossbow scope features fully coated optics to ensure maximum light intensity and clarity, plus three duplex crosshairs perfectly calibrated for 20, 30, and 40-yard shots. A fourth partial crosshair is included as well for 50 -yard targets. This lightweight scope includes 7/8-inch mounting rings also.

3-Pack Wicked Ridge XX75 Arrows

The 3-Pack Wicked Ridge XX75 aluminum arrow has a 2.0″ Easton Bully Boattail Vane (13-grain aluminum insert) and Tenpoint’s white Alpha Nock. This 20-inch 2219 aluminum arrow has a slight offset and weighs 435 grains. It is balanced at 9% FOC and is .003 inches straight.

3-Arrow Quiver

At just 4.75 ounces, the 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver features a lightweight spine and flexible rubber loop, eliminating unnecessary noise while in your treestand. So, you can hang the bow without making any noise. Its spine is ultra-durable, and the rubber loop is flexible.


It is an effective crossbow for a lower price. It’s got nice, compact size, too. Its bolts are easy to load, and the stock is comfortable. Again, it offers a quiet and smooth operation that still provides adequate speed.

It is one of the best crossbows for beginners and advanced hunters for medium to large games. It is easy to use and very accurate. This Wicked Ridge M-370 crossbow offers the best bang for your buck when it comes to overall high quality and performance.